Spa Services

Wake up the sense

Herbal Foot Soaking Exfoliating Foot Dead Skin Invigorating Body Therapy Purifying Facial

120Min : 1.380.000VND


Bliss For her

Floral Foot ritual Full Body Massage Refreshing Body Scrub Revitalizing Facial

200Min : 2.280.000VND


De – stressing For him

Steam bath Full Body Massage Refreshing Body Scrub Pampering Body Wrap

200Min : 2.280.000VND


Serene Summer Day

Steam bath Aroma Therapy Body Scrub

135Min : 1.380.000VND


Serene Winter Day

Steam bath Serene Oils & Hot stone Massage Body Wrap Express Facial

180Min : 1.920.000VND


The Touch of Serene

Soaking tub with Herbal Deep Muscular Therapy Body Scrub Facial care

225Min : 2.350.000VND


Serene Sweet Couple

Soaking Tub with Milk & Flower Aroma Therapy Body Scrub Facial Care

195Min : 4.180.000VND/couple


Serene Experience

Soaking Tub with Herbal Serene Cupping Massage Body Scrub Body Wrap Facial Care

255Min : 2.750.000VND


The Paradise of Serene

Soaking Tub with Milk and Flower Herbal Steam bath Luxury Four Hands Body Scrub Body Wrap Collagen Rejuvenating Facial

300Min : 4.310.000VND


Soothing Aroma Therapy

Using 100% natural oil, in addition to skin care, this essential oil treatment will help the muscles relax, prevent and treat symptoms related to blood vessel blockage and help detoxify out of your body.   

60Min : 580.000VND I 90Min : 830.000VND