Spa Services

Deep Muscular Therapy

This massage technique involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes and elbow techniques combined with ginger extract to target the inner layers of muscles and connective tissues, thus helping to stimulate blood circulation and alleviate muscle strains. Guests will be offered a warm foot soak with pure salts and ginger before the treatment. *The […]

60Min : 630.000VND I 90Min : 880.000VND


Serene Oil & Hot Stone Massage

This therapy is performed with hot rock. The direct temperature of the stone helps relax muscles and circulate vessels. The therapist impact on deeper muscles that reduce muscle tension, providing physical and mental energy.

75Min : 790.000VND I 90Min : 950.000VND


Thai Royal Massage

Unique massage therapy originating from Thailand. With the coordinated movements of the body (the “Passive stretching” method), massage and acupressure on each breath, will help relieve muscle and joint pain, prevent injuries, and bring positive benefits from material to mental health.

60Min : 610.000VND I 90Min : 860.000VND


Upper Body Massage

The deeply relaxing massage focuses on areas around the neck, shoulders and across the back or head. Back Neck Shoulder Head Neck Shoulder

30Min : 360.000VND I 45Min : 520.000VND


Extra Pampering

Herbal Steam bath :  ( At Both Branches ) Wooden Soaking Tub with Herbal ( At Branch 58 Ma May ) Wooden Soaking Tub with Milk and Flowers ( At Branch 58 Ma May )

20Min : 150.000VND - 390.000VND


Serene Spa Body Scrub & Shower

Using 100% natural products, it will give your body a gentle massage, helping release the dull complexions and dead cells on the skin and bring a dreamy smooth skin. Serene Coconut Body Scrub Serene Coffee Body Scrub

45Min : 630.000VND


Serene Mud Body Wrap & Shower

Harnessing the power of natural vitamins and minerals this body wrap helps improve the appearance and feel of skin. It draws toxins from the body and helps hydrate, tone and smooth the skin. Serene Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap

45Min : 680.000VND


Serene Candle Therapy

Candle massages are designed to target all the senses, packed with essential oils, and natural fragrances the massage is further elevated using warm, melted wax that is applied to the body. Soft touches, caresses, light pressure, broad kneading and smooth rubbing, all of these are part of the movements and will enhance the elasticity of […]

90Min : 980.000VND | 120Min : 1.280.000VND


Serene Golden Signature Therapy

At Serene Spa we have developed a Serene Signature treatment that really unique and only appear at Serene. The combination between Singing bowl, the Serene Golden Oil, The Serene Herbal Compress and Silks as a sumptuous take on a traditional treatment. Silk poultices filled with hot medicinal herbs open the pores and soothe the muscles, […]

90Min : 1.080.000VND | 120Min : 1.380.000VND


Serene Magical Four Hands

Imagine two of our best therapists working with all four hands at the same time in harmony, massaging fragrant oil over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. The four-hand massage features a synchronized massage by way of two trained therapists leaving you feeling lighter and continuous rhythmic flow. It relaxes the muscles of the whole […]

60Min : 1.380.000VND | 90Min : 1.980.000VND