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  • Thai Royal Massage

    Unique massage therapy originating from Thailand. With the coordinated movements of the body (the “Passive stretching” method), massage and acupressure on each breath, will help relieve muscle and joint pain, prevent injuries, and bring positive benefits from material to mental health. 610.000 860.000 
  • Serene Oils & Hot stone

    This therapy is performed with hot rock. The direct temperature of the stone helps relax muscles and circulate vessels. 790.000 950.000 
  • Deep Muscular Therapy

    This massage technique involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes and elbow techniques combined with Serene oils. 630.000 880.000 
  • Soothing Aroma Therapy

    Using 100% natural oil, in addition to skin care, this essential oil treatment will help the muscles relax, prevent and treat symptoms related to blood vessel blockage and help detoxify out of your body. 580.000 830.000 
  • Upper Body Massage

    The deeply relaxing massage focuses on the neck, shoulders and across the back or head. 360.000 520.000