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  • Thai Royal Massage

    Unique massage therapy originating from Thailand. With the coordinated movements of the body (the “Passive stretching” method), massage and acupressure on each breath, will help relieve muscle and joint pain, prevent injuries, and bring positive benefits from material to mental health. 610.000 860.000 
  • Deep Muscular Therapy

    This massage technique involves applying sustained pressure using slow, deep strokes and elbow techniques combined with Serene oils. 630.000 880.000 
  • Serene Magical Four Hands

    Imagine two of our best therapists working with all four hands at the same time in harmony, massaging fragrant oil over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. 1.380.000 1.980.000 
  • Serene Golden Signature Therapy

    At Serene Spa we have developed a Serene Signature treatment that really unique and only appear at Serene. 1.080.000 1.380.000 
  • Serene Candle Massage

    Candle massages are designed to target all the senses, packed with essential oils, and natural fragrances the massage is further elevated using warm, melted wax that is applied to the body. 980.000 1.280.000 
  • Serene Cupping Massage

    Cupping massage: combined with Vietnamese traditional oil massage techniques and the therapist puts special warm cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. 860.000 980.000 
  • The Paradise of Serene

    • Soaking Tub with Milk and Flower - Herbal Steam bath - Luxury Four Hands - Body Scrub - Body Wrap - Collagen Rejuvenating Facial
  • Total Foot Treatment

    Foot Scrub + Foot Massage + Foot Mask 680.000 
  • Foot Reflexology

    Massage therapy and foot reflexology will help improve blood circulation, balance the immune system and regenerate energy for the body. 380.000